Indian Media makes fun of Aamir Liaqat

Indian Media has started to make fun of Pakistani shows in which Pakistani people are having some fun but they named it by their own way. Indian Media always seems in this effort to get some kinds of issues in which it easily can show embarrassment to Pakistani Media channel.

Actually there is a program which is running from last 5 years in Pakistan regarding Ramdan transmission which is being run by Dr. Aamir Liaqat. He always tires to show something different in his show and in this effort he also makes some new experiments to make his show more attractive and applauded.

Unfortunately, due to biased nature, Indian Media again started to discourage to Amir Liaqat Show which is not good. when it talk about Pakistani media, they never interrupted to Indian channel on its on air shows. They also sometimes committed numbers of cheap actions but it never be mentioned on Pakistani Media.

Actually they have no courage to show and always remained in this effort how they get weaknesses of Pakistan and its people so that they can embarrassed us. Everybody has its own way to run his program and nobody has the right to tease any person.

Dr. Amir Liaqat is achieving such a success in his format which he introduced 5 years ago and now he is going upwards with his resting format. He always comes with the new format in every coming season of Ramadan. However, people always try to get some defects from the good things and show their jealousy in this way which should not affect on the people.

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