Indian Intelligence Agencies Threatening Pakistan

Nobody can negate the role of Intelligence Agencies in the world. These intelligence organizations are used for the survival of the country. No one country can remain safe in the world without these organizations. These institutions work for the betterment and to keep prosper to their countries. These organizations are always taken as emblem of security, power, defense and strength. These organizations have lot of resources to consume for prosperity of the country.

These intelligence agencies use lot of methods to get the information from where they have any danger about their countries sovereignty. These intelligence institutions have bonding with the agencies of other countries and they share their information with one another most of the time. The members of these institutions get their desired information by using the ways of espionage and cryptanalysis.

As discussed above, these are the major bodies of any country and the sovereignty of any country without these institutions is impossible. These agencies not only perform in their own country but also have their branches in the rest of world especially in those areas where they have more interests in the favor of country. These organizations are also responsible for pointing out those disturbing areas that can create disturbing situations in near future.

Ordinary men who live in the common society do not able to perform duties as the trained people do to save their countries. Those spy agents have entirely different trainings to perform better than any other opponent agents. They have to face too many life taking tasks within the country and out of country to save their nation.

Talking about the given footage in which one of Indian spy named Ajeet Doval who has been performed his duties for Indian intelligence agencies in Lahore. He himself shared his story when he was living as a spy in Lahore City. In his recent statements, he again instigates to his government to attack on Pakistan which is totally irrational and foolish.

According to him, they are ready for war against Pakistan even they have no fear to go beyond thinking. Actually, he has been working for intelligence agencies of his country so he thinks it is very easy to attack on Pakistan. But in the next part of footage, Pakistani media replies to his intimidation with full details and tells at what level Pakistan can defend and can attack in reply.

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