Indian Government Shows its Discrimination

New Delhi: Indian Government has approved the new law after nineteen years about the slaughtering of Sacred Cow and nobody will be allowed to eat beef within Indian boundaries. There are also some instructions that have been given by new Indian Government about the urine of Cow. Now perfume making companies will mix the urine in the perfumes.

Yes, off course, it is mind shattering news but what can one do. It is the order of Modi Government. It is said that Indian Government claims that they have made some chemicals that can easily finish all those germs which may affect on human health. So it will not harmful for human being to use urine perfume. There is also another special instruction which is more disturbing not for Muslims living in India but also for the rest of other religion people.

Indian Government instructed to the management of all government offices they will bound to clean their offices with the urine of Cow. It will strictly applicable in all offices in the whole India. These laws have been approved directly or indirectly from the government it in other words by BJP government.

Now if we discuss it in religious point of view then it will open to everyone that BJP always behaves religiously and it also get fame due to its unique religious quality. If we see the statistics regarding different religion’s populations, it will clear that Hindu religion dominates in Bharat. So BJP will definitely take those steps which will help in the next coming elections.

If we discuss about the urine of cow, nobody would like to have its perfume to use. Cow urine is taken as sacred in Hindu religion and they also worship the Cow and never allow anyone in Hindu religion to slaughter. In history, there are so many occasions we will find in Sub-Continent where so many disputed arose only because of cow slaughtering between the Hindu and the Muslim.

Sensibly speaking, no religion allows to his followers to disturb humanity in the whole world. All religions give lessons to spread love and affection in this globe. After implementation of these laws by Indian Government, there may be create some issues in the government offices because there are numbers of people who are not Hindu but they are Muslims, Christians and Sikhs with other religions who do not like it.

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