Indian Film Producer repents over Phantom

Indian Film producer Kabir Khan and Indian Actor Saif Ali Khan repents over Movie named Phantom. This news breaks by one of famous facebook page named Zem.TV. According to this page, this news leaked from one of renowned news channel in which that channel is reporting about the Indian movie Phantom and its Indian Film Producer Kabir Khan and Indian Actor Saif Ali Khan.

That facebook page also has given that leaked video as a proof. If we see the bulletin that is too much shocking for all of both countries’ people Pakistan and India. According to that news bulletin of one of renowned channel, Lahore High Court has given order to ban the Indian movie Phantom in Pakistani Cinemas. According to bulletin, Indian Film Producer also feels guilty over his movie Phantom which is against Pakistan.

Kabir Khan also says during his interview they have to prove a true patriotic while living in India so they had to make this movie. According to news bulletin, Kabir Khan also mentions about this country’s renowned intelligence agency which support and order them to make movie on this topic. He did not forget to mention Hafiz Saeed in his interview and deliver soft notions about him. He further calls him soft, kind and helper for the poor.

Kabir Khan also mentions about the present and past severe conditions of Pakistan which it has faced from the aggressors. Especially after the aggressive event of 9/11, there has been great war started in cool form in Pakistan. He further Speaks about Narendra Modi and calls him culprit of Gujrat event against Muslims. He did not stop on this but also speaks about the Smjhota Express and accused his country’s intelligence agency for all those events.

That special news bulletin also talks about Saif Ali Khan who also speaks about his feelings of guilty and asks for sorry for Pakistani people. Saif speaks about the unspeakable conditions of Muslims of Gujrat, Muslims of the whole India and especially for the Kashmir. He manifestly says he would like to work in those movie which would be related to these told Musilms’ conditions.

In the end, there is something new about this news bulletin as according to them Katrina Kaif fascinates with Islam. She wants to convert in Islam religion and she has started to like it very much. She furthter cherish to be lived in Pakistan after getting Islam religion.

Katrina Kaif Converts to Islam

So it is all the bulletin which has been discussed  in this content and seems very strange. How is it possible to speak against his own country as both Muslim Indian Actors and one Indian Actress did. It seems fake and far off from reality. Please comment over this purity after reading the whole content.

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