Indian Army Chief Feels Proud on Pakistani Aircraft

In December 2011 India Navy showed the image of Pakistani aircraft in its newspaper advertising mistakenly on which Indian media shouted over this blunder. Indian Media further explained that it was not sufficient as they did not notice even the same story also published in the next pages of this newspaper. It was quite shameful for all those officials who were handling this department.

This event occurred when the Indian Navy was celebrating some of its past bravery incidents with its nation but this mistake made all of them very upset and angry with the management. The Pakistani aircraft that was on front by Indian Navy was made by mutual corporation of China and Pakistan and got very famous due to its amazing war qualities.

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Indian media told to whole nation through his campaign and also mentioned as they had not received any statements from Navy department on this issue. They further stated as this matter showed the full negligence of advertising department and Navy management had no control over this department.

Due to this mistake, the whole day of amusement was tuned into day of embarrassment for whole Navy department. Talking about the importance of Navy wing, every country cannot think without this department as it serves the country as other army departments. Without Naval skills, no country can survive with their own wishes.

Taking about Indian Navy, it is considered as one of those Navies which are world’s largest navy department around the world. So they should have full control on these minor issues in which the whole command and control opens in seconds. In this department, trainers use scuba equipment during training sessions and men who remained for long time in water called scuba diver.

Talking about mistake of Indian Navy officials, to commit mistake is a natural process but at the National level it should not affordable as it belongs to its institute worth. Indian Media told as Navy officials were celebrating that day when they attacked on harbour in Karachi in 1971 war but hilariously using the footage of their opponents’ aircraft.

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