Indian Actor and Film Producer Repents over Phantom

It is being said as Indian Actor Saif Ali Khan and Film Producer Kabir Khan repents over movie Phantom. According to one of famous page on facebook named Zem.TV, they have one of leaked news bulletin of one of renowned news channel in which that renowned channel is reporting on Phantom movie. That page also has shown that leaked bulletin as a proof.

According to that bulletin, Lahore High Court has banned the movie Phanton in Pakistan to display in cinemas. Indian film producer Kabir Khan also says sorry to Pakistan on his new movie Phantom. On the other hand, Kabir Khan also says they have to prove a patriotic to themselves to be lived in India so that’s why they made such kind of movie.

Kabir Khan further breaks the silence about the one of intelligence agency about his country which support them and ordered to make this movie. He also mentions to Hafiz Saeed according to news bulletin and has soft notions about Hafiz Saeed. He also speaks about the present conditions of Pakistan which is not good since 9/11 and facing very crucial conditions and after 2008 it became more severe.

Kabir Khan also speaks about his Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to him the main bone of contention is his Prime Minister who is real responsible for the brutal events in Gujrat of India. He also speaks about the train named Samjotha Express and says one of intelligence agency of his country is involved in this issue. He further says nobody is able to enter in Pakistan without the permission and many more in this bulletin is proclaimed.

According to news bulletin, Indian actor Saif Ali Khan said he did not want to hurt the feelings of Pakistani people as he has done in the movie. He further speaks about the real conditions of the Muslims of Indian state Gujrat, the whole Muslims of India and the Muslims of Kashmir. He said he would like to make film on those said Muslims’ conditions in his next movies.

In the end, bulletin also talks about the Indian actress Katrian Kaif, according to bulletin she has been fascinated with Islam and wants to be converted as a Muslim. She further has a wish to live in Pakistan being a Muslim.

This all bulletin seems not real and will create a lot of tension in social media. Nobody can speaks against his country as Kabir Khan and Indian Actor Saif Ali Khan is commenting according to news bulletin. So we have been totally helpless to conclude about this breaking news. Here we leave it up to you what you suggest about this bulletin whether it is fake or real.

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