Incursion of European culture in Muslim society

Sadly, the attack of European culture is expanding step by step in Muslim society. It appears as it is presenting by legitimate arranging by our adversaries. Really rivals of Islam know exceptionally well they couldn’t crush us by battling eye to eye, they have begun assault on us by different means.

They are wanting to pulverize Muslim countries for quite a while and they are additionally getting achievement in this matter till now. You can see the photos of Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria which are crushed severely nearby numerous other Muslim nations where they have entered quite recently to emit to these nations.

They are focusing to every Muslim nation from where they felt any peril of insubordination to European nations and American arrangements. They assault on new era of Muslims nations as they are putting a few addictions over them of non Islamic propensities.

They are additionally attempting to go astray to new era by their own particular exceptional styles like including them in music, by advancing the European culture of freedom in females and some more. They are exceptionally virtuoso as don’t assault specifically yet they assault covertly over government frameworks.

Truth be told, they need to advance European culture alongside American polices in each Muslim nation so as they can’t have any issue from these Muslim nation when they would attempt to govern over these nations. Our rulers are similarly mindful in this wrongdoing yet we are as yet sitting tight for somebody who might remain against them.


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