Incredible information about the Universe

One Incredible Travel emerged when Allah took decision to meet with beloved Prophet Muhammad to whom the whole universe was made. Allah gave order to Angel Jibareel A.S to bring Prophet Muhammad and he obeyed the command and came to Prophet Muhammad and delivered the message of Allah. The whole process of travelling started from Holy Kaaba and then to BaitulMuqaddas and then towards seven skies took place in single night that is taken as Incredible Travel.

27th of Rajab was the date of Islamic calendar when this miraculous event took place. When Hazrat Jibraeel arrived at Prophet’s home and told him the reason to come, Prophet got up and made ablution and got ready to go with Angel Jibraeel A.S. Jibraeel A.S had one horse like animal named Buraq for the incredible travel of Prophet Muhammad that travel was going to be renowned till the Day of Judgment.

Firstly, Prophet Muhammad moved to Holy Kaaba after spending some time, went to Mosque Aqsa. In Aqsa Mosque, Prophet Muhammad leaded to all Prophets and offered prayer. It was the time when Allah gave respect to His Last Prophet when all prophets stood behind Prophet Muhammad and all of them became the followers of Prophet Muhammad.

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Prophet Muhammad started his travel from Bait-Ul-Maqaddas towards Seven Skies and at one place Buraq stopped that is renowned with the name of Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha. At this place, Angel Jibraeel left Prophet Muhammad saying this as he could not move further if he moved he would burn. So the next travel made by Prophet Muhammad alone and at last he reached at his destination.

Where Buraq stopped is renowned with the name of “RAF RAF” then again prophet travelled to another place with the name of “Qaab a Qausain o Adna”. It was the point at which Allah met with His beloved Prophet and got conversation. There is no other prophet who has got this glorious moment in his life only Prophet Muhammad got this opportunity.
Prophet Muhammad in his travel observed many things which saw never before. He saw hell in which many people who committed wrong deeds getting punishment and also saw Heaven. Prayers of five times also assigned to the followers of Prophet Muhammad at that moment. Muslims like to have fast on 27th Rajab which is equal of having fast for 70 years.

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