Incredible incident happened regarding this Mosque

Masjid that was worked by Prophet Muhammad PBUH astonished everyone when they viewed the video of it. It was said that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH Himself participated really taking shape of it. A portion of the general population additionally said that foes of Islam likewise attempted to disrupt the procedure yet none of the Muslims present there let them do that.

Masjid was inherent the city of Taif that was truly lovely. No works have been done to repair it or make any changes really taking shape of it. The video got viral on the online networking subsequent to numerous Muslims shared it all over book dividers and on You tube channel too.

It has been said that the foes of Islam tossed a few stones on it while the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was available in it. Allah the Almighty spared his Prophet Muhammad PBUH by halting those stones noticeable all around. The foes then couldn’t trust the marvel of Allah.

That wonderful Masjid has been available there fit as a fiddle as it was assembled a very long time prior in the early piece of Muslim time. The motivation behind the video was to make it conceivable that every one of the Muslims could see it.

People make video of this mosque who comes there and show it to their friends and tell them also the whole story about this mosque. There are only few visitors who come there to see this mosque as they do not know about this mosque. However, whoever come here they definitely make video of this Mosque.


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