Increasing Popularity of Archery in Ladies

Archery has been used from the day first not only for refreshment, hunting and in modern era for sport but also during warfare. There are about 50,000 years old stone arrowheads that have been found in Africa. So, without having any doubt, it can easily be said as archery belongs to nearly every society who has been habitants on earth.

When we go back in history of archery we found very short bows in early times that were used for hunting purpose in the forests. The style to use the bows and arrow were as same as in current era. Egyptians were the first who are considered as modifier in the composition of bows who made it with different materials.

Egyptians gave new look to bows and arrow and made bows and arrows with intestines of sheep. Egyptians used to ride on their chariots during warfare and then hurtled on their enemy’s sides. Off course it an art to make bows and arrow and to use it. There are number of archery training institutes in many countries. Undoubtedly, archery had its own worth in past days but after arrival other resources for hunting and warfare it became faded with the passage of time.

In present era, archery has its new face in sport as it is being used by many people of different countries as a sport skill. Archery is also included in the mega unit of the world named Olympics. There are also many movies in which archery can be seen and people like it very much. Recently, The Hunger Games series in which heroine is seen who used bow and arrow to defend herself.

After launching this movie, The Hunger Games, archery has become more popular especially among girls. Some owners of sport outfitters claim as they have noticed raising demand of bows and arrows since the launch of movie in 2012. Given footage also the example of archery in which one female is aiming her target but with her feet which is too much difficult.

According to some reports, in the last two years, membership of USA Archery has been doubled. Some archery shops say people are searching to get some quality archery classes. For those, it is incredible change as people had no interest in archery classes few years back. After noticing the behavior of people toward archery, some archery learning classes are opening in USA.


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