Important Secrets Revealed by Indian Spy

To live in this world without secret agencies is a dream of noble people. As we are living in the world where distances have been short and get closed due to latest technology. We can visit around the world in few days by using the latest and easiest means of travel. We can cross the deserts without facing any difficulty and can ignore the monster seas by using the airplanes.

Intelligence agencies also called as secret agencies that were used even in the Stone Age. The use of secret agencies for the survival of the state or country is too old. It started to get more arranged and more developed in the advancement of technology with the passage of time.

There is no country in the world right now that has no intention to facilitate its secret agencies with the latest technology. Each country has been jumped in this race of superiority and America is at top in the list that is spending a lot of money over its intelligence agencies.

Intelligence agencies are taken as big stake holder and a symbol of unification in the country. They work only for the solidarity of their nation. They are responsible for any crises and worked a lot to safe the country from major disaster. These intelligence agencies are officially registered and have their offices in the approved countries.

Pakistan Intelligence agency is the world’s best secret agency as declared by the American Crime News. It has a lot of potential in it with full of talented people who did not care of their lives while working over different given tasks. It was established in 1947 at the time of independence. It is working to save Pakistan with the same pace till to date.

British have given us India’s rivalry in the form dowry that Pakistan is facing from the day first. India also has its intelligence agency that spent most of its time how they can weak Pakistan as much as possible. Given Video of Indian spy tells us the whole story how he spend his seven years in Lahore and used to give important information to his headquarter.

Setting aside all these intrigues, one can conclude easily that it is impossible to eradicate Pakistan from the earth by the will of God. Allah is with us that is why Pakistan intelligence agency ranked at top level in the world.

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