Importance of NGO Organizations in Backward Areas

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) came into existence in the mid nineteen century. About a hundred-year-later, people started to know about NGO and it was declared officially by United Nations. In 1968 in San Francisco, NGOs got its identity with the special effort of United Nations. One provision was also made in Article 71 in the charter of United Nations. The term of Non-governmental organizations first time started to use in 1945 in the session of United Nations.

Talking about the definition of NGO that is declared by World Bank is very simple in its means. According to World Bank, those private organizations whose principle objects to help the needy people that might be in the form of education, health, unawareness or anything else. NGOs work for the prosperity of the people regardless their religion, sector or nationality. These institutions simply work for the humanity not for their popularity.

NGOs are increasingly started to play its vital role as working of these organizations are effective and efficient. These NGOs are innovative, independent, responsive and flexible to solve the problems of needy people as they do not hesitate to reach at grass-roots level. After having analysis of last two decades, it surprises everyone as they have been engaged themselves too much in the civil societies.

NGOs are started to have engaged in all aspects of social life such as rehabilitation, education, relief, human rights, peace and development programs. Some NGOs are also working at local, national and international level. One thing that wants more intention of NGO is unawareness in the backward areas of Third World Countries. Unawareness proves as fatal aspect in the society. It started to disturb the humanity right from family toward whole society of any community.

Given video clip shows the bitter reality of unawareness in which one can easily understand the whole script. One Step Father buries her six year old daughter for the sake of to get his real lineage. After verification, it was discovered that he did it on the order of his so called Pir who persuaded him to do this awkward deed.

After seeing the whole video, it came to know how she got escaped from the grave and how she got her real parents. In this context, NGOs role matters a lot in these uninformed areas to cease these ignorant activities. Sitting government of any third world country should play important role to promote these organizations to establish well groomed nation.


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