Humiliated Incident Happens in Train in London

London: A brave girl slapped a stupid boy who was trying to tease and harass her in underground train in London. That stupid lad deserved that annoying behavior from the girl who was having patience on his rubbish comments. But, after sometime, she could not stop herself and reacted like furious lioness and insulted him before lot of people.

After having a slap which let him down a lot, he also came forward to beat the girl but people stopped him to do that. Trains in London City are very common source for travelling for most of the people to travel and they prefer these underground trains rather than any other travelling source.

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As this issue has arisen in train in London City, seems very awkward because of the past record. People who travelled in trains never tried to humiliate either male or female. If someone dares to harass anyone, he has to face the punishment from city magistrate. In United Kingdom, rules are very strict and if the matter arises about humiliation, it gets very serious condition and ends up with punishment.

That lad, who was travelling in underground train in London, knows everything about his country’s law but he did not care and carried on to harass the girl even after lot of warnings. People who has mentality like that train boy mostly get punishments from the society but never give up. These people are called as ulcers which are present in every country in the world.

Such people must have some education about their behavior as the countries like United Kingdom has also arranged some ethical schools for the people who involves in these activities. Undoubtedly, they are bad but they are the part of the country and the management must not disown them at any cost. But some people have fun to tease or harass females and sometimes they have to face furious reactions like discussed above.

So, if we observe the said incident, that train boy must have got some punishment from the train police also because in trains forces are also deputed to avoid any inappropriate matters. So as a good citizen, we must avoid any non serious attitude on public places as it not only shows ones mentality but also family background of that person.

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