Humiliated Incident from Students’ Accommodation in London

Students’ Accommodation in London undoubtedly one the biggest problem in that renowned city of the world. students who come in London, the first problem which they have to face is about the accommodation in London and they become helpless at some point but have nothing in this regard. Sometimes, students have to sleep in the shelters which are being provided by the government of UK.

When people come here for study they have numbers of expectations in their minds which slowly start to go down after seeing the reality of life. Most of the students only come in London just to earn money and show themselves as a student which is morally not good. These students basically do wrong with those ones who actually come for study and sometimes do work to meet their real expenses of their studies.

Due to those cheaters, the real needy students get pain and trouble to find out proper job. Because due to those professional students, shopkeepers did not offer them the real amount of an hour which is scheduled from the government of UK. So they have to spend on those low money as other professional students do.

undoubtedly, London is very renowned city due to its higher education but it also very important city regarding cultural point of view. Tourists love to visit this city as it is included in the old ones and has tremendous history. At time, it has faced that ruler who has ruled approximately all around the world and sun did not go down in that state.

So, the given video also belongs to students who are fight with each other on very cheap issue. It is said the fight between two girls started due to nonpayment. Students live in cheap accommodation in London and divided their expenses.

This fight was  fought as one girl asked her to pay her debts according to rules but she denied and fight started. When the matter reach to the management of the accommodation they put heave fine on both girls and also issued notice against them. They also warned them to be restrained in next time otherwise they can be expelled.


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