Human rights are being violated in India

The given video is belong to India in which one woman committed self destruction along with her two children. investigators are still in this effort to know the reason but they are failed yet. People are also upset as they had no clue of any fight between husband and wife. It is really unforgettable and it must be known as who is responsible for this cruel activity.

There are no human right associations here to cover such a dictator exercises of Israeli powers. On other hand, those global human rights associations get enacted when they see something uncommon in the Muslims nations. They additionally initiated when they see wrong activity in the Asia.

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Worldwide associations identified with human rights are additionally not actuated when they have savage exercises against Muslims in Burma. They stayed cool and make the most of their gatherings in Europe and America. They just have obligations to take activities against Muslims nations. They are not permitted to say something against the nations which are not Muslims.

They are additionally educated to take activities against those nations which are not included in light of a legitimate concern for Europe and America. So you can say universal associations are not for person they have been made only for their own advantages, not for the welfare of the individual.

The procedure of separation had been begun from the day first when they came into force however after the 9/11, it got brutal. They began to target Muslims particularly and don’t have any desire to help them regardless. Same is the situation in Palestine, kids are passing on in numbers yet there is no reaction from all supposed associations.

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