Human Rights Ignored by Politicians

Numbers of NGOs who are working around the world especially for human rights but unfortunately they are not getting success in this regard. Every coming year seem worse than the past one. There are also many other NGOs who are working on another issues which are faced by human beings but the most important is about the human rights.

When we look around the world there are number of countries in which human rights are seeing the faces of those who claim to have world’s best supremacy with proclaiming about the spreading human rights. People are being victimized by those who are against the human beings and do not like to prosper some special group.

Talking about the Kashmir and Burma where people are being victimized badly and there is no one there to secure and rescue them. There is no UNO there to help them even a single condemnation statement is not released by all big institutions including those who like to listen about themselves the world’s biggest saver of human beings.

Politicians are also included in those people categories who are fully involved and urge people to do everything against those who would not vote them. According to footage in which one female politician is urging her voters to compete with other communities by any source just for the sake of winning election. Such types of politicians are responsible for every kind of communal problems.

There is no humanity seen in her speech but only the hatred words and it is seemed she just wants to win by any cost. She is promoting her religion in that country that claims of being secular and no one is there to stop her for her this act.

Every country’s government should have an eye in the days of elections to avoid any communal problems as politicians are not the sensible persons. They only want their win by any means and they do not belong to any religion or country they belong to win and money. They have no values of human rights or humanity in their books in reality.


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