How to Jump without Parachute from Plane

Travis is the name of that American man who did jump without parachute from aeroplane and left astonished to all his watchers. There were many people gathered there to see this stunt when it was pulled off there was a noise of triumph from crowd side arisen. Travis jumped from the height of 9000 ft without parachute and enjoyed the state of free-fall.

Travis’ jump got viral in all internet portals and on social media when it was completed. People liked this stunt so much and number of people started to switch on their internet as they listened about this jump without parachute. This jump stunt was arranged in the park of US with the name of Trampoline Park. Undoubtedly, this stunt was tagged with death-defying stunt.

In given footage, jumping instructor is clarifying about the route of jump without parachute from aeroplane. According to him, jumper will land on trampoline while coming through a hole in a roof. There was also three-by-five meter hole in the roof that was specially made for the jumper. To jump by using the parachute is also not easy as people use the parachute flying instructor for this.

So it was definitely very tough task to jump without parachute from 9000 ft. In the footage, flying instructor of parachute clears how the jumper will make it possible. He tells about the reinforced trampoline which played its part to absorb the pressure of jump. The other one was the revolutionary geometric positioning system that was stuck with Travis’ body.

The whole process was being controlled by the team which was working on it. The magnetic system that was attached to the body of jumper played very important role. By using that magnetic system, they were able to steer the jumper into the hole and then on trampoline because there was a natural magnetism developed between earth and the magnetic.

Parachute instructor elaborated as they were working as they had no option for any mistake. If they made any mistake there would be a big catastrophe. So the whole team performed very well especially Travis who put his life at risk but proved his selection as a right decision for this stunt.


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