How to Jump without Parachute from Height

One American man named Travis proves how to jump without Parachute from plane and astonishes to all his viewers. Undoubtedly, it is an outstanding and death-defying stunt that has forced the people to open their internet untimely. This American man is filmed when he jumps from 9000 ft and enjoys the feeling as of free-falling state to the ground without parachute.

There are many more things in this incredibly footage when he gets ready to jump without parachute and comes through from a hole of a building and lands on trampoline. However, it is also noticed when this video releases, it gets viral on the same time of its posting in November 2014. This awesome stunt was made in the new trampoline park of US.

In the footage, the jumping instructor clarifies how Travis will jump without parachute from plane and will land through a hole that is three-by-five meter open in the roof and at the end will land on trampoline. Even to jump with parachute is not an easy task; there are also parachute flying institutions in which people get training to fly with parachute.

According parachute flying instructor, there were two things which made this highly implausible stunt into real form, one was reinforced trampolines that worked to absorb the impact of jump and second one was the revolutionary geometric positioning system that was wrapped with the belt of Travis.

According to jumping instructor, to jump without parachute was totally controlled with that magnetic system which was attached to Travis. He further added in the footage, the natural earth magnetism was giving response to the attached magnet. So this helped to flying instructors to steer Travis through the hole down exactly on the trampoline.

According to parachute instructor, they had no margin of error so they planned everything in well-mannered way. So we had no bounds of joys when Travis arrived on trampoline safely and it seemed as the stunt had pulled off. Undeniably, to jump without parachute was a big task not only for Travis but also for all team members who were directly involved in this stunt.

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