How people want to look like

How common women can be changed into cover girls with a touch of smart make-up and a little assist from the airbrush. The thing is what is makeup? A mask and things a woman uses to decorate herself because of low confidence? The answer is no. It is factual that women waste a lot of money on makeup, but it is all for good reason.

Makeup can have many benefits if used correctly. It would be unfair to harshly criticize makeup without looking at its amazing benefits. A woman feels better and prettier about herself after putting makeup on. A woman is often valued by her looks. She will use makeup to improve and exhibit her beauty. Makeup is not used to enhance self-esteem.

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Makeup is used to impress the other people in society it is used to create impression. In today’s world women are seen greatly on their physical appearance therefore make is their best solution to defeat that opinion. There are so many struggles out there; between who is more attractive so women rely on makeup to become the best.

A man sees a woman for the first time. Her lips look soft and pinkish; her skins smooth and shiny, with a little blushed cheeks, her blue eyes seem glowing and bright. Probably, the man will be attracted to her. He may not notice that she is wearing makeup because it is very delicately applied. If we were to take a close look at her we would see that her skin looks so beautiful and blushed because of the cautiously applied make up.

Her lips look so soft because of the lip-gloss she is wearing; her eyes so joyful because so the gently applied eyeliner and mascara. If all that makeup would be removed we would probably have very pale lips. The man would most likely not be so attracted to her. It is factual that make up if misused it could be harmful.

The given video also depicting the same above said story. When one young girl sees one dashing boy in the lift she feels as she is not looking well without makeup. She sudden gives very strange reaction and stops the lift and starts to upstair using her feet. While upstairing she starts her makeup kit to look gorgeous. When lift reached at desired storey, she appears in front of lift as she desires just to impress that dashing boy.


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