How People can get desired Partner for marriages

For getting desired partner for wedding purpose, people do everything and sometimes they cross all limits beyond thinking. They never think about respect and disrespect of their families even their own respect does not matter in this special case. To cross the all limits in this matter, there may be some reasons behind, it may be love that mostly become the part of it and it may have also other reasons which may be many more.

People who are living in any society or community they are bound to obey those community rules and regulations. If anybody goes against those rules then he has to meet the problem at any cost. Rules and regulations may be different of any community but the punishment remains same for the aggressors. So in sub-continent, couple cannot get married without their parents’ will if they do they have to face problem at high level.

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Because the rituals and culture of the community do not allow them to do this without permission. For this purpose there is a phenomenon, parents of the boy and girl first see the families of each other and if they accept each other’s families then it consider about the wedding ceremony. In simple words, the families of the couple must have information about each other families to get married. Otherwise wedding ceremony may get no attention of elders and the couple will remain cursed from their family members.

Given clip also tells the same story as one father calls some young male candidates who want to marry his daughter. His father seems as he belongs to very healthy and wealthy family. So when young guys come at the office to meet the girl’s father one lady come in and confirms them about their arrival. There are four candidates can be seen in the video clip who come for wedding.

One of them proves himself very clever as he come in he starts to see on the walls of room and at once become astonished. He got astonished after seeing the pictures that were clung with the wall and those pictures were seemed as the elders of wedding girl. The pictures have some individualism as all members of the pictures have no hairs on their head and also had fully clean shaved look.

So he gets up at once and goes in the wash room and adopts the same look as he sees in the pictures. When the father of wedding girl come in the room, that clever young man gets his attention at once and girl’s father likes him very much. So he says to other candidates thanks for coming and good bye as he has selected his son-in-law to that fully shaved young man.

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