How Pakistan Army coupe with their Enemies

Pakistan Army has its worth of top first army in the rest of the world. Pakistan army was come into being right at the time of independence of its country. Pakistan army also has appeared in three big wars in such a short span of time of its country’s independence that is very sad. Pakistan army has about 700,000 personnel of its force with 500,000 reserves troops.

Talking about the relationship of Pakistan army with its nation, they have very strong bonding with each other and people of Pakistan fully support to its brave army whenever they feel need of it. One former General also passes some comments about the relation of army with its nation that is awesome.

All sectors of Pakistan armies are always remain present for the services of its nation as medical and logistics personnel, army engineers and armed forced always play significant role to bring relief at the time of natural disaster. Very renowned natural disaster of 1988 that was in the form of flood, it was completely covered by Pakistan army that was marvelous in its essence.

When the whole Pakistan was shook by the earthquake in 2006, Pakistan army was there who came forward for the help for helpless people in northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan army has always proved itself a matchless army not only in the battle field but also at times whenever it needs for the welfare of its nation at local level.

Given fabulous video clips is talking about the present mental condition of Pakistan army as they never ever get confused and always remain in the state of calmness. Whenever they feel some boredom they are started to have some fun by singing and dancing. All these things keep them active and after having this recreation they again get ready to defend their country.


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