How Muslims are being treated in African Countries

Western Powers has turned out to be exceptionally irate in view of a video discourse getting viral on the online networking. The discourse contains a back rub for Muslims to battle against the adversaries of Islam.

Foes of Islam has turned out to be particularly furious over the discourse and attempted to show outrage against Pakistan and speakers. India and a portion of the western forces has additionally begun media war against Pakistan and Muslims. The adversaries expect that if Muslims will get joined listening to the discourse, there will be nobody on the planet to stop them.

Video Link:

Islam was governing everywhere throughout the world when Muslims were joined previously. The non-Muslims were never ready to overcome until they were isolated into organizations and fringes. Western forces are continually keeping the Muslims isolated from each other. Separation and tenet has made them fruitful against the Muslims. Muslims then again, have ended up attached to influence and riches. They have overlooked the way of truth told by Quran.

At whatever point Muslims turn into a solidarity, Non-Muslims will confront most exceedingly terrible ever crush from the genuine supporters of Islam. Western forces will lose the tenet to the unified Muslim world. It needs to happen and it will happen as it was told in Quran. Quran pass on the message of solidarity and equity for triumph against non-Muslims a few thousand years back. Muslims have overlooked it.

Muslims will need to end up joined like their past at the end of the day to overcome the foes of Islam. The western forces won’t have the capacity to survive and control if Muslims stand together to battle against them.

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