How many People suffer by Shark Attacks every year

After a brief analysis, there are about 70-100 people who are attacked by Shark annually and about 5-15 are died after the attack worldwide. The word “Probably” is used only because it is impossible to report all those attacks which are made by sharks around the world due to lack of communication. Talking about the information from Third World countries which is acquired is reported as very poor in this matter.

Sometimes, it also did not publish the actual rate of death due to bad affect on the people who lived in those areas where sharks found abundantly. After having a brief analysis, it comes to know that the rate of death due to shark attack was very high in past rather than present. Due to some unique efforts from some institutions by providing emergency aid to the victims, it has been controlled wonderfully.

It was the superb medical treatment which reduces the death rate or chance of mortalities. If we see on the reports which made over decade basis, it comes to know as the rate of shark attacks increased every decade because of increasing people for bath in open water. But still there is no actual figure reported in per capita attack of shark.

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According to analysts, most shark attacks occur near seashore water, most importantly inshore of sandbar or between these sandbars. Actually in these typically places of seashores, sharks can find its food easily even at low tide so it selected these areas and people are informed with these indications but they do not obey the rules and become victims of sharks.

Given footage is the example of it in which one person goes near the seashore to have one photo but at once he is attacked by shark. In the same way, many people suffered annually but did not seem to take these risks. There are lot of rules and regulations which are told to those who go take bath but they forget all rules even they are in sea water.

In the next moment, the person who was close to him and was taking his selfie, he was totally helpless and could not do anything by his own.  The purpose to spread this shark attack on facebook or other internet portals only for those who do not care of rules and regulations during bathing on seashore and they become victims of sharks badly. So all people should follow the rules and regulation to avoid any serious condition.

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