How Important water to Human Health

Next to air in a row water is taken as the most important element to human health. Human health cannot survive without water for long time as 72% human body contains water in it. Undoubtedly water is essential for every signal cell in human body to carry on its function and for whole organ system.

According to the medical analysis, water takes part to make human body’s weight more than 2/3 such as blood has 83%, human brain has 75%, bones have 22% water, lungs have 90% water and muscles have 75% water. It simply seems as no body part of human being without water.

Medical analyst describes as original health could not occur without the hydration of body. There are numerous of water in human body and each function is too much vital. There is no alternative of human body’s temperature regulation which only depends on water which keeps it cool by perspiration.

Wastes and toxins of human body are removed only with the help of water keep human health good. Sufficient water intake helps our body to excrete wastes through defecation, urination and perspiration. Kidneys and liver use the water to flush out the wastes as our intestines do.

After reading the above functions of water, one can easily understand the importance of water for human health. There are numbers of diseases which create in human body due to deficiency of water and medical specialists suggest a proper intake of water daily basis.

There are many patches on this globe where water is too much rare and people spend their time for search of water. Off course, water is necessary to human health that is why people from every corner on earth cannot live without water. Water is unique gift from God towards its creation which has no replacement.

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