How Fruits becoming Harmful to Health

Currently, there are some statements about fruits health arising around the world in which some declarations are indicating about cancer-causing disease. According to the news, fruits are started to spread cancer disease due to the use of pesticides which are used to keep fruits safe. So, the people who are already fully careless about their health have chosen the slogan about fruits impurity and blaming these fruits for their current health status.

If we see the report of U.S. Department of Agriculture in which they are fully informing to the consumers about the purity of fruits and telling not to use fruits which have stamps of stored rooms. Actually, store-room fruits are getting these symptoms which are proving harmful to health and creating fitness problems. Pesticides are becoming the main reasons to spoil the fruits including human fitness problem.

Talking about the fruits which are becoming the victims of pesticides, these are apples, strawberries and grapes with many others which are commonly used in daily routine life to maintain body fitness. Apples and grapes are those fruits which are suggested by nutritionists in daily routine life. Apples have their own worth in life as there are also some wordings about apples such as apple a day keeps doctor away.

When it talks about the pesticides, these are still considered to be necessary for the safety of fruits otherwise fruits become spoil. So specific quantity of pesticides are placed with fruits which keep its safe from insects like creatures when it plucks from its origin and with the passage of time, these pesticides turn into another forms with some chemical reactions.

So in the store rooms, all fruits which have layers of pesticides become harmful to health due to chemical reactions which can easily cause cancer disease. Environmental Working Group is one of those organizations that are working over these issues and have reported some amazing results. According to this organization, about 98 percent fruits which are conventional are fully contaminated and not able to use.

They have also published a list of fruits which they want to be spread everywhere around the world. In the given footage, one can easily examine how is it possible to have such quantity of wax on apple which is pluck from tree. It is definitely taken from store where heavy quantity of pesticides is placed for its safety purpose. So we must all of us care ourselves and also need to spread this news as much as possible to save those who are very close to our hearts.

How apple has become harmful to health

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