How Female American Dancer Leaves her Profession

It was the big change in her life when one American Dancer decided to leave her profession of dancing in dance club and started to live her life with her husband only on 40 dollar per day. She was very famous dancer and used to earn about 500 dollars per night but she was contented only on 40 dollars. Why she was contented on such minor amount comparatively 500 dollars per night.

It was the preaching of Islam who forced her to leave her profession which does not allow her to do more and she did and started to live life at low level. When she converted to Islam she had long sigh after reciting specific verse which were necessary to become Muslim. She said she felt as if she had something empty inside which had filled after reciting it.

She was with her husband and she also asked him to convert his religion and he did so. According to one scholar who is telling the whole story in video, he gave them the address of Islamic center and came back. After passing time, that scholar received call from that American Dancer and told him as she had committed some wrong deed.

When scholar asked her what she had done she replied as her body had been uncovered mistakenly would she get punished. He consoled her and said it was unintentionally so there is no need to be worried. She further told as she had stopped to work in dance parties and party clubs. According to her, she used to stay at home according to preaching of Islam and her husband went outside to get livelihood.

She further says they both (Husband and Wife) go in their relatives families and asked them to embrace Islam. They have chosen specific time for this purpose. They regularly give invitation to their relatives and friends to come in the religion of Islam. According to her, they were fully contended with their daily routine life and have no objections.

It was the preaching of Islam due to which one American dancer converted to Islam and not only changed her religion but also left her profession which was against Islamic rules. She has more tranquility and clam in her life than previous and is enjoying her present life style.

How one American Dancer leaves her profession

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