How Devil Attacks on female at workplace

It is very important to mention as how female at workplace are being harassed in both developing and developed countries. Even well developed and well cultural countries like European Union and USA are still have complaints of harassment about female at workplace. These both unions (European Union and United States of America)are well committed to provide a harassment free environment to female.

Talking about the rules and regulations, it is prohibited to harass the people especially female at workplace and intolerable gestures. According to the rules of US policy at workplace regarding female harassment which they have made about the safety of female, if they have any complaint about the harassment they have to show prompt and appropriate response to the victim and culprit as well.

Talking about the harassment with female, it is also somewhat define as try to tease the people to whom one’s like and want to have some extramarital relations forcefully or without wish of opposite partner. Most of the time, it is noticed people who are seated at high posts try to force subordinate to have extramarital relations.

It often happens with the females who come outside from their homes to earn livelihood due to some reasons and are started to become victims of these devils in their offices. They forced to their subordinates to accept their wishes and in response they give greed to females of promotions. Most of the times, females have no options to do plainly what their bosses want due to their economical conditions.

Yes, they ready to do everything due to those economical conditions which already have propelled them out from their safe houses into the offices. In advanced countries, harassment about female at workplace are strongly protected by the governments’s laws and by some different human rights organizations. They fully back the victim whenever some unpleasant event happens and they never let the victim to remain silent due to her so called respected reasons.

But, in the developing countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries who are struggling to get the real rights while being in this so called democratic governments. The female at workplace in these countries is facing the very crucial days and gets punished by different ways on daily basis. Females of these countries are punished on different occasions on different times like at bus station, at workplace, in the room of boss and many more.

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