How Apples becoming harmful to Health

Now a days, there are some statements revolving about common fruits as those are becoming harmful to health. So the very renowned statement, such as everything is causing cancer, has become the popular hyperbole and some people use these slogans to divert their own attention from their daily routine dietary habit and lifestyles. Most of them are belonged to those who are pertained to cancer risk.

But, talking about the reality which has been declared by U.S. Department of Agriculture and another some of Food Administration institutions, numbers of common foods have shown cancer increasing symptoms after having scientific proofs. Some of foods have these cancer increasing organisms substantially more than others which are less in use.

If we talk about conventional fruits like grapes, apples strawberries and many others who remained frozen in stores, many people have their very positive thinking about these all stuffs as they are eating healthy food. But, in reality, these fruits are all found to be harmful to health after declaration about the presence of pestilent elements from some authentic food institutions.

Actually these pesticides are placed in the buckets of apples or any other fruits to keep them safe from insects. Due to use of these pesticides, these fruits become harmful to health as some cancer-causing symptoms develop in these stored fruits. On the other hand, people get these stored fruits without doubt of any disease which are actually contaminated with cancer-causing disease.

According to Environmental Working Group (EWG) which have been reported about 98 percent of all conventional production of fruits which are all contaminated by having cancer-causing disease. They have also issued some “dirty” fruit list in which most contaminated fruits are given from which people need to be avoided.

Given footage is the proof of above said discussion as one man is started to scrap the upper layer of apple and both are shocked after having wax which is collected after scraping. Actually these are pesticides which are used to keep these fruits safe from insects but after passing times these pesticides are started to react with layers and produced some cancer-causing disease which are harmful to health.

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