Hotel in London Turns into Nightmare for Zardari

London: The Chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party Asif Ali Zardari was on his trip in London Hotel named Churchill Hyatt Regency with Dr. Asim Hussain. News about gas explosion was spread like fire in the forest in the whole world in Churchill Hotel in London. It was not the rumor at all. The kitchen portion of the hotel was badly rocked and twelve associates of the hotel got

Asif Ali Zardari who was also the resident of this renowned hotel in London city remained successful to get any harm as he was not in the hotel at that time of explosion. But, after the explosion, Asif Ali Zardari had to change his hotel and he was transferred another Five Star Hotel in Portman Square in London city.

Guests who were residing in that luxurious Churchill Hotel frightened and shocked due to that unpleasant incident. About five hundred guests had to transfer to another hotel named Marylebone Hotel in the state of emergency. Due to explosion the hotel building was collapsed badly. At that time of explosion, it was nearly beyond the reality to indicate the exact position of explosion in the

London Fire Brigade, the emergency service of London, declared five people who were injured badly and were sent to the nearest hospital for first aid. It was also reported that whole injured were belonged to the hotel

On the other hand, guests were also very upset due to the cancellation of their flights, meetings and many more that were going to be done in the very next day. At the time of transformation from one hotel to another, they also had to face the difficulty to find their luggage as the whole luggage yet in the custody of Churchill Hyatt Regency hotel

High Commission in London prefers to stay in Churchill Hyatt Regency Hotel only because of its reasonable charges. So all the delegations that lands in London stays happily in this hotel. The whole cabinet of ex-government also used to reside in this hotel. Nawaz Sharif is only one figure who do not stay in Churchill hotel but likes to stay at his son’s flat.

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