Horrific incident Happens in Bull Fighting arena

In one of famous bull fighting hall named Plaza De Toros in Mexico City, one bull started to behave like untamed and uncut when it brought to outside from the dark cell. After coming the in the bull fighting arena, that bull started to jump unusually. There were many people who were there only to see this specific bull including woman, men and children.

When the bull started to move unusually as it seemed as the noise of the people and the flash light of sun irritated him a lot. That bull started to jump uncontrollably and in the same manner it jumped into the crowd where numbers of people were there to see him. It was happened in Plaza De Toros in Mexico City.

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According to analysts, there were about 48,000 people there who were sitting on the chairs in that world’s biggest bull fighting ground and were anxiously waiting for that bull which was over all of them after his arrival. After getting the signal of the arrival of Pajarito, the name of that bull, the whole crowd welcomed him with clapping and roaring but it annoyed him a lot probably.

That bull suddenly charged too much and climbed up on the wall like a flying bird and then landed like a big whale on the numbers of people. Imagine what would be happened when thousand pounds bull fell on the people but fortunately there were no casualty reported but some people got injured during this bull’s adventure.

According to some analysts, to get rampage of these fighting bulls is not a thing of astonishment because these fighting bull are entirely different from other bulls. They are trained and nourished for the fighting purpose due to which they have lot of energy rather than local bulls which are used for other purposes by farmers.

After this event, people started to force to shut off this game which never seems as a game but more than a game and very close to serious ones. The man who raised that bull Pajarito said it was not the matter of his taming process but it was the noise of the crowd which annoyed him a lot and that bull started to behave like that.

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