Horrible views of stoning woman to death

In the area of Taliban control in Afghanistan one lady was stoned to death in understanding of Islamic laws. It is said as she was stolen away with her mate. Rokhsana was the name of that stole away lady and was at the period of around 19-21. She was stoned as said above as per Islamic laws.

As per data there were around 15 individuals there who stoned here and they encompassed her while stoning at her. She was crying when the stones were hitting her and the voices of her crying can be heard in the given video. It was not the principal episode of this kind.

Firozkoh was the town outside of it happened on 23 October that was later affirmed by a few authorities at government level. The sitting Governor likewise elucidated about the occurrence and about the footage which was got viral on all web entryways all through the world.

One of female sitting Governor likewise expressed about the occurrence named Joyenda, she educated quickly concerning the episode as the stoned young lady was locked in with a man with the will of her family yet she denied to acknowledge it. She needed to wed to someone else to whom she absconded.

Notwithstanding, it was inadmissible for her family and they constrained her to concede their choice. So she chose to run off however this choice demonstrated wrong and came about into her passing. The man was additionally sentenced with lashes as per Islamic laws. Nonetheless, he is making due in the wake of getting discipline.


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