Horrible Train Clash reported in Japan by TV reporter          

Unquestionably, when it talks about the train transportation system, it considers wonderful means for it around the world. Off course, it does not use only for human being but also for other purposes for moving goods and many more things. Even heavy machines and other objects are only possible to move due to train.

All countries around the world including progressive and progressing, the people of these countries like to travel on train rather than any other source. They feel easy to go to have their footsteps on train and like to have their experience of travelling on train transportation system.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/ktCrN

Even in Asian countries like India, train is still considered the best source for transportation around the whole country. The department of train always seems to improve the facilities for train passengers and never misused it. Government of India has full control over this ministry and never let the fare out of control in India.

The same situation also reported in the United Kingdom where not only common people but also the Prime Minister of UK prefers to travel in train. In recent days, there was a photo which got viral on social media in which Prime Minister of United Kingdom was seemed standing in train.  He could not get the seat for sitting and it gives the positive gesture to his nation.




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