Horrible news about slaughtering houses in Punjab

Loathsome news about butchering houses goes ahead air by one of media channel. They made this news when they got reports about the illicit exercises in the butchering house. They began to get full reports about the exercises in the butchering houses on consistent premise.

They additionally sent some of their media men to check the condition as their reports were correct or off-base. Those people worked there for some days and gathered all demonstrates about the illicit exercises in the butchering house. They were astounded in the wake of seeing individual required in those exercises.

There was an organization with the name of KMC which is working in Punjab to check the nature of meat. Each butcher who needs to deal meat he first goes to the authorities of KMC and gets seal of freedom about the meat. As indicated by reports, those authorities of KMC have been begun unlawful exercises.

They assist give demonstrates as all authorities are not filling in according to rules and inspiring cash to put seal on the meat. They promote give confirmation as individuals are notwithstanding offering dead meat by getting the seal on meat. They simply offer cash to those authorities of KMC and after that have no check over them in the wake of getting seal on meat.

All media individuals chose to run this news as a narrative on their channel. At the point when those authorities got the news about narrative they likewise attempted to offer cash to them yet futile. At last, they likewise attempted by debilitating them so they couldn’t on air issue however they were fizzled. Proprietors of media channel demonstrated fearlessness and reveal every one of those authorities of KMC who were in charge of all unlawful exercises.

They likewise attempted to offer cash to media makers with the goal that they can stop this video to on air however they again fizzled in this matter. As per media reports, KMC is the organization which is worked under government Punjab. This organization works in butchering houses where the authorities of KMC put seal on numerous creatures which are qualified to eat for people.

Be that as it may, as per media individuals some administration authorities are not performing extremely well and they have begun to get pay off in this matter. They additionally included as they are likewise demonstrating to those creatures that don’t fit over tenets yet they put seal on their meat by taking gift. When it was asked to higher government authorities, tragically they were additionally required in this diversion.

At that point they chose to put it on air in the wake of getting the entire data about the entire diversion. At the point when those guilty parties found the news about discharging narrative on them, they began to get contact with media proprietors. They got answer in refutation as they additionally offered overwhelming sum consequently. At last, they likewise undermined them when they had no other way.


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