Horrible Attack of Bats in our Country

Spiders started to descend upon a town of Southern Brazil. It was first time reported to one of private TV channel by Erick Reis, a 20-year-old lad of local community. According to that younger boy, he was busy with his friends in an engagement party when he saw that astonishing view in the sky. After watching the video, it was revealing as sky has nothing but numbers of small spiders in its space.

That scene was never observed before in Southern Brazil as lot of spiders were moving in web and surprising to watchers. These spiders were appearing as they were falling like drizzling. After spreading this video too much in the Brazil society, it caught the attention of experts of spiders. So they also jumped in this matter and started to verify the reason of falling of spiders like this way.

Experts then break the silence and identified these spiders as very rare species of arachnids named Anelosimus eximius. Experts told that Anelosimus usually found in trees at day time and started to make web in afternoon to trap the insects. One female biologist who did specialization in spiders had a look on this video and delivered statement as there is no need of worrisome.

According to her, this phenomenon is average and normal and it mostly occurred in Sao Paulo’s cities, Brazil. These spiders are very famous for its social behavior. Talking about spiders, there are about 40,000 species of spiders found by scientist in the world. There are only 23 species which are found around the world in the form of aunts and bees.

After having views of given video, one can easily understand in which way spiders are making web to trap the insect. Spiders were large and sturdy in its shape and were clinging with power poles and lines. But the dispute arose when another entomologist said that these spiders did not belong to Anelosimus eximius.


According to her, Anelosimus Eximius did not look in big shape but a little bit smaller in its body shape. She also added this species may not survive in Southern Brazil. In the same way, another Archaeologist also endorsed the previous lady. He also added that spiders must not be appeared in spreading forms but in communal webs.

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