Hindu Mesmerizes by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only Super Man in the world who is not committed any false thing intentionally or unintentionally in his whole life. When the book was written on the great people who have come in this world, the writer could not find any other name rather than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad was the only in his Model in his era for others not only for Muslims but also non-Muslims who used to give the testimony of his truthfulness.

In the given clip, one Hindu police office is talking about Prophet Muhammad, his ways of fighting and style of discussions during war period. He is coding example of Hudaibiyah Treaty that was made in 6 A.H. in which Prophet Muhammad accepted all terms and conditions which were being considered very ruthless and harsh which were put by Quraish. But it was proved beneficial for Muslims later.

He is also praising Prophet Muhammad and is sharing the incident of Conquest of Makkah. It was the time when Prophet Muhammad was no weaker as Quraish had their considerations in the past. This time Prophet Muhammad was coming as Winning Commander. Quraish had their thinking of plundering and massacre from Prophet Muhammad but they were wrong.

Prophet Muhammad forgave all of them even to whom who got shelter in their own home or in the home of Abu Sufiyan, the big enemy of Islam. History is totally helpless to find such example ever before till now. That Hindu police office is not forgetting to share the unique incident of that old woman who used to disrespect of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by casting the garbage on him.

Prophet Muhammad went in old woman house when he did not find her on her roof. She was ill and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) treated her so nicely. Prophet Muhammad cleaned her house and gave her medicine. She was mesmerized by his treatment and embraced Islam.

In the end, Hindu police officer is also sharing another incident of Prophet’s era when one another old woman decided to left Makkah after listening Prophet Muhammad. When she got ready to leave but her luggage was too have to lift. One man came to her and carried her luggage and left her where she wanted. She asked him his name; he said that it was Prophet Muhammad. So she embraced Islam after having this wonderful experience.


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