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Birmingham City: Steve Emerson is a very senior journalist in United States of America who was invited by one private news channel in New York for his latest analysis on Pairs attack. He is not only renowned as Journalist in America but also in whole Europe. While giving his views on attack, he also gave breaking news when he started to unveil some surprising news about the city of United Kingdom named Birmingham.

He directly blames to Muslims who are living in the whole Europe for that Paris attack and also says that Birmingham City of UK is no more under the administration of Britain. It was a big big surprising and astonishing news not only for the whole world but also for Muslims and more importantly for UK government. It was a big challenge directly to the security authorities of England.

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As he was speaking against Muslims with full of emotions and pains, it was not easy for anyone to take it as a misinformation. He put very serious allegations on the Muslims who are living in the whole Europe. He further prolongs his argue and says that it is not Birmingham who is in Muslims’ control but many countries of Europe like Sweden, France and Germany whose Muslims populated cities are badly affected by Muslims.

He does not stop after putting these allegations in his interview in New York; he further says that Muslims have started their own Shariat Courts in their areas where Muslims are in great numbers. During his interview of allegations in New York, the most concentrated city of his allegations is Birmingham where he claimed as Muslims are started to live according Shariat rules.

When one of United Kingdom’s private channel took on air to Mr. Emerson in London City and requested him to give some proof about his shocking news of Birmingham City. So it was a big shame for Steve Emerson and he apologized about his irresponsible reporting. He said it was a big mistake in his whole career of journalism.

After spreading this news like a fire in Forest, the City Council of Birmingham City released a statement regarding Steve Emerson interview which was on aired in New York. They discouraged to Steve Emerson over his reckless resources on which he delivered this astonishing news. Then, they also showed greatness and accepted his apology with open hearts and negated all allegations which were put on Muslims.

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