Higher Education of Female Students in London City  

education from the universities of London city is not a big task as universities offer very reasonable rates for foreigner students for education purposes. Due to the offerings of reasonable fees, students around the world like to come here in London City except to go others like New York, Sydney, or any other renowned cities of the world regarding education point of view.

In addition, students also become able to have chances to earn money while studying in universities of London City as British governments has passed a law about student working hours who come from abroad. So in this way, students have some charms that appeals to all students to come in London City as they get able to afford their education expenses on their own and do not demand from their parents for money.

They get jobs in hotels in London City and earn enough money to live happily and also send the money to their parents. Jobs categories are limited for foreigner students to hotels and in pizza shops. Talking about the female student of Sub-Continent, the scenario gets changed as they have no consideration about the tough life of London City.

Tallat Hussain, one of renowned anchor personality who puts his finest efforts to get the actual facts about the female students who come to get higher education in universities of London City. He brings too many bitter realities for the parents of female students who send their daughters to abroad just for the sake of higher studies.

He also meets with that person who offers his services for the female candidates for residence in London city. He unveils some brutal aspects of female students of abroad which are difficult to express. According to him, female student in London City sometimes becomes totally helpless and even agree to live with male roommates that is considered the last stage of helplessness.

As UK government also allows to foreigner students to work for some hours and nobody can exceed to the given limits. So females also have to do some odd jobs to meet their routine expenses. Most of the times, due to the nature of jobs, female students of sub-continent do not able to work. In this scenario, they have to compromise with those condition that they have never ever thought to live in London City.


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