Hidden Heroes of Kargil War in 1999

A veteran from the indo Pak Kargil war 1999 went to a TV Show at the sea of autonomy Day on fourteenth August. He was Captain Kashif of Pakistan Army. Chief Kashif told the gathering of people that how glad shields of the mother land protected their dirt against the Indian Army Forces. He recounted numerous untold concealed stories of the war in his little meeting.

There are numerous Silent legends of Kargil war which was battled between Pakistan Army and Indian Army in 1999. It was on the clashed place that is known for Siachen. The area is possessed by Pakistan and India mostly. Multitudes’ of both nations tries to compel each other out of the region time to time. The Gust in the TV Show likewise had served in the same region.

Skipper Kashif told about the Kargil War in subtle element to the group of onlookers in TV Show. It was won by the Pakistan Army. Indian Army needed to endure substantial misfortunes in the war. They were constrained out of the region by children of mother area. At last, the matter was determined by the United Nations and America.

Skipper told in the TV Show that if alternate nations would not have meddled for few days more, Indian armed force was kicked out of the zone in Kargil War. And still, at the end of the day it was a reasonable triumph of the Pakistan Amy over the foes. The adversaries had left numerous bodies on the betel ground and fled.

The TV Show was sorted out to pay appreciation to the Fighters of Pakistan Army against the Indian Army. The war legends of Kargil war are welcomed in TV Programs to persuade the adolescent for the country.

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