Government should have eye over massage centers

Government ought to take control of back rub focuses if these focuses are essential for people. Discussing this given viral video in which female is telling each and everything what she does in back rub focus, it must be controlled. As indicated by her, she diverts to her client just in 15000 rupees.

As per her, she additionally has numerous different bundles however this one is the most efficient and beneficial for the clients. Really females are utilized as a part of back rub focuses not for giving administrations but rather to have extramarital relations. It is extremely miserable to share as those females are constrained now and then to have extramarital relations.

In some back rub focuses it is affirmed before beginning the employment as they would be accessible for having relations else they would not be encouraged for this occupation. They themselves did not have any desire to include in such sorts of exercises however they can’t do anything in this subject.

As per female, she would give each and everything in her last bundle in which she was putting forth everything in concealed words. Discussing the part of police in this issue, they are as yet viewing the circumstance and don’t take activities until unless they don’t confront huge issue from their side.

When Punjab Police additionally took crackdown against all back rub focuses however all were again reconstruct following 6-7 months by same administration with various names. Punjab police ought to step against these communities for our new era which his going to be ruined by these back rub focuses.


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