Girl’s Car Breaks down

It is a prank video clip, in which one person decides to check the behavior of the people how they react towards a man who gets upset on the road. So he decides to drive his car and stops at one point on the road and pretended as his car has been out of order. When his car stopped he came out of his car and checked it very carefully after opening the bonnet but it did not work.

So he decided to go under the car to check where the problem was. So he remained under the car for 30 minutes. He noticed that nobody paid attention towards him at all. All people who were going on the roads on their cars, bikes and vehicles even heavy vehicles, they saw him and slipped away. Nobody offered him for help. It was a disturbing thing in reality that he was trying to show us.

When he did not get any response from the people he decided to do adopting another angle. He went to a parlor and got a make up like a young girl and then again came on the road with the same car. So now he had been turned into a young girl. So he repeated the all practices. When that girl came out from the car that was creating some problem while driving, she decided to go under the car.

When she was under the car, there was a big change noticed there. When the man was under the car there was no one nearby him but when the young girl was there people started to gather there and started to ask her for help. The most interesting thing is that vehicles were also begun to stop for her help. That was the reality of our society who is ready to help for girl but not for male.

It was hilarious but she did not notice anyone and she kept on her working and remained under the car without responding anyone. There were numbers of young boys on their bikes started to stop there and asked her for help. The big vehicles also stopped after seeing a young girl under the car. The people who were going on their cars they also want to help her.

After having this experience, one can easily understand the social behavior of our generation. We need a big mentor who can give us lessons of ethics who tell us that to help the people is not limited to females or young ladies. So the man who was under the car and again in the shape of young girl saw a great difference after changing his physical appearance.


Girl’s car breaks down on road

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