Girl gets punishment from Jinnat

When it talks about the graveyard, everybody starts to think about his final destination in the form of grave in graveyard. The given footage is also related to this story of graveyard in which one grave is found that did not allow any dead body into it. According to witnesses, when people try to bury the dead body in it, it sometimes opens and sometimes closed.

Very strange stories are found to listen regarding this grave which automatically opens and closed without any help. One witness who live in the near colony, he shares his experience about this grave and says he also has seen the some abnormal conditions which are related to this grave. Sometimes he has seen some fire which goes very high even start to touch the sky and sometimes some voices of crying.

According to another witness, there are also some other things which happen in this graveyard. He explains sometimes some people see the little goat near this grave and they pick him up in their lap but his legs remain in that place from where they pick him and his upper body starts to move with them.

Definitely, these things seem very curious for the first time listener but the people of colony have seen theses couple of times. People who pass from this graveyard they have some verses of Quran for their safety and have those verses always close to them to avoid these things when they pass from this graveyard.

These things have their existence according to religion Islam, so we as a human being should avoid these horrific conditions. In this unbelievable video, the whole story is told about the grave and the happenings which occur with the people who live around this graveyard. So according to some scholars, as we do not like the interference of anybody in our personal matters so as they do.

Talking about the body which did not stay in the grave, it might be the residence of any creature which human eye could not see. According to religion Islam, there are many creatures which live in this world along human being but human beings have no power to see them.


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