Gimmick or Genetic Change occurs in reality

Talking about this Indonesian man who talks about his genetic change and started to lay eggs, it seems very odd as no one knows whether it is matter of laughing or wonder. Off course, you are reading the very right news this time about one Indonesian man who started to lay eggs just like hen. It seems as there is some genetic change has been occurred in that man.

Talking about scientifically, there is no one example exists in the history of science or in the history of human being who claimed for this kind of genetic change. Well, this whole world never devoid of surprising and shocking news. This man becomes the man of headlines in all news channels when one website publishes his story about laying eggs.

At first, it sounds very senseless and foolish but when one sees that man having the process of laying eggs just like hen, it leaves all human being in shocked situation. When we go through the story of that man, he stated as he felt some stomach pain and after sometimes he started to lay egg which was very strange. Then he also visited to doctor for his strange condition but they had no solution for this disease yet.

After having the situation of laying eggs, he called his one of the best friend as eye witness but they decided it to keep in secrete. But it got viral when some other people smelled it while laying eggs. According to him, he does not want to be public with this tag as he has started to lay eggs like hen but he could not keep it secret.

Talking about the truth of this news, there is no report of any medical research team publically published regarding this man. According to some medical experts, it shows some strange type of disease in which some rare fluid develops inside stomach which turns into hard egg forms lately.

After this unique claim of that Indonesian man, a unique debate has been triggered on this issue and started to think whether it is reality or another cheap trick to get attention to become a limelight. Now, we have only hope with medical science that can provide us a reasonable answer about this genetic change. The previous medical answer about fluid which turns into solid egg is not registered yet.

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