Ghost Prank gets viral on all social media

Talking about the engagement of our new generation on social media is going at alarming level day by day around the world. People are started to check their daily status as they go in their offices and do their daily routine works. Social media engagement is going to be viral around the globe without any special reason.

On the other hand, talking about the management of social media who seems in this effort to introduce new technologies on every coming day on social media. They are doing it to keep their users busy and do want to bore their users from their old and new applications which are they are going to provide in new dimensions every coming day.

Off course, it is the age of computer and technology and these technologies are getting better at very fast speed. Before ten years, things regarding latest technologies were appeared after a long time like after six months or after one year after launching the previous one product from one company. But, today, the scenario has been completely changed and every coming day seems ready to astonish its users.

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People now have started to take these applications of social media as life partner and they act as they cannot live without these applications. People love to be attached with facebook in the form of updating their current status. They love to be a part of twitter at every coming issues and do not want to sit at back chair in this regard. Now people want to have full information in just one click away and in this matter they like to attach with their high frequency mobiles through which they remain attach to social media.

Talking about the given prank video in which some groups which seem students they make a plan to fool people by using one of little girl. That girl does very awkward gesture according to their plan with different people in parks and roads. After completing the prank video they uploaded it on the different social media channel and it became viral on social media.

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