Genealogy of Prophet Muhammad

Genealogy of Prophet Muhammad is too much distinctive and unique in its essence. It started from Hazrat Adam down to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) without any ambiguity even anyone in this world can recall the whole  Genealogy of Prophet Muhammad with names. So it is the only Precious and Valuable Prophet Muhammad whose entire lineage can be recalled with names from Prophet back to Hazrat Adam R.A. It is also said there is nobody even any Saint or Prophet rather than Prophet Muhammad cannot claim of his preserved lineage.

Allah has blessed to his beloved last Prophet Muhammad with uncountable unique characteristics and unforgettable personality. Allah has preserved all his Prophet Muhammad’s unique gestures and sayings as priceless things for the rest of the world. Only Prophet Muhammad’s sayings, being a human being, have an authentic existence as of Quran Verse in the whole Muslim world.

Genealogy of Prophet Muhammad is also exceptional due to its individualistic feature which may be impossible for anybody in this universe except Prophets of Allah. It is as absolutely perfect lineage of Prophet Muhammad as there is nobody present in the whole genealogy who has committed any extramarital activity with woman.

Having a picture of Arab of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBHU) era, it will definitely be clear to us how they were brutal and vicious before the Prophet proclamation. Women were just considered for breeding their children as much as they could breed. Same was the case with the whole long period back to Hazrat Adam R.A. So it was impossible for anyone to keep away from extramarital activity.

It was the only blessing and bestowment of Great Allah who kept all them away from all sins those were and are considered distasteful in every civilized society on this earth. So it will definitely be pertinent to say that it is Allah who Himself has guarded the whole lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

Genealogy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is mainly divided into three categories. The first one starts from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) back to Ma’ad ibn Adnan. The second one starts from Adnan Ibn Add Ibn Humaisi and goes back up to Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. The last one takes from Hazrat Ibrahim Ibn Tahir and finally ends up to Hazrat Adam R.A.


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