Funny Clip of Train with its Driver

This funny clip of train is chosen from one of the best movies which has been got too much viral after publishing on internet portals like facebook, google and dailymotion. Talking about the essence of these pranks, these are just made for the amusement of the audience without any reality behind these pranks.

People watch many pranks or funny clips on daily basis just to have light mode. But some of them get too much attention of the people due to its extraordinary stuff. Off course, it has never been easy to create comedy in the movies or to make funny clips which get viral after its publication, indeed it matters to genius directors.

In the given video clip, one train driver is enjoying his journey when he sees one wooden piece which is placed in the middle of the railway track. He frightens at once after seeing that wooden piece which can cause a big collapse for the train. He started to press the horn button repeatedly but in vein.

He tried a lot by pressing the horn as if somebody listen the horn and he might come towards railway track but he gets failed in his effort. At the end, when he saw nobody around the wooden piece who might help him he took a big decision to come down from the running train to pick that wooden piece.

It was very hilarious as one train driver is coming down to clear the way of the train himself and then moves towards his driving seat. He comes down and pick up the wooden piece but in the meantime, the train arrives at him and he jumps on the train at front end. He sits there and try to throws that wooden piece.

The funny clip gets its high peak when another wooden piece appears on the railway track and after seeing that piece driver again disappointed. But this time, he did something extraordinary to clear the way of his train. He throws his seized wooden piece on that wooden piece which is placed on the railway track and in this way he gets rid from both wooden pieces at the end.


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