French Scientist Stuns after seeing Pharaoh’s Mummy

Paris: Prof. Maurice Bucaille, a French Scientist, affiliate of French Society of Egyptology in France has acknowledged the truthfulness of Holy Quran about Pharaoh, the primeval leader of Egypt. He further claims, undoubtedly, Quran comprises with true words of God. He wrote a book with the name of “The Bible, The Quran and Science” after embracing Islam.

Why he embraces Islam is the big question arises in one’s mind? He was a scientist and worked in Archaeology Center of France where he had to examine the Pharaoh’s Mummy with other anatomical and archaeologists. The whole team was working on this mummy to know the reality what happened to it.

If we go back in the era of Bible and Torah, we will find out some answers of our questions. Both sacred books tell the demise of Pharaoh and effort of Moses (Hazrat Mosa A.S) but both books fails to reveal the whole story. Muslims have firm believe about drowning of Pharaoh in ocean along with his thousands of soldiers but Jews and Christians believed over his natural demise.

The Muslims find this argument from Holy Quran which tells how Pharaoh was drowns and how he becomes the admonitory for coming generations. Quran differs from other holy books in this matter of Pharaoh. But the examining committee of scientists which were working on Pharaoh’s mummy had to agree on the truthfulness of Quran.

Pharaoh’s mummy was discovered from hidden temple of Valley of Kings with other ancient rulers of Egypt by the team of archaeologist. Then the mummy of Pharaoh was sent to the laboratory of French Scientist in 1981 for examining purposes.

Professor Maurice Bucaille  was the leader of whole team of archaeologists and French scientist at the time of examination of Pharaoh’s body. During analysis scientist also found salt on the body of Pharaoh that has resemblance with the salt of ocean. So after having a detailed analysis the whole team was reached at the conclusion that Pharaoh was drowned in ocean.

After knowing the result about Pharaoh’s body, French scientist Prof Maurice decided to go in Egypt to resolve mystery about Pharaoh. In France, he also had listened about Pharaoh in Quran whatever he found during laboratory tests. He met with a Muslim scientist in Egypt who wrote to him the verses of Quran about Pharaoh. He was impressed after reading it and embraced Islam.


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