French Scientist Mesmerizes by Quran in Paris

Paris: France is the country who is renowned for its Roman Catholic Religion in the world. Paris is the capital city of France. There are about 83-88% people in France who belongs to Roman Catholic religion. Only 2% people are living of religion of Protestant with 5-10% Muslim population in the whole France. Most interestingly, there are only 1% Jewish people are living in France that is less from all others religions.

In France, one scientist name Prof. Maurice Bucaille having the seat of head of department in French Society of Egyptology was living. He was enjoying his life with his authorities in France. So one moment came in his life and it changed his life completely leaving him astonished. He even himself did not about that sudden change.

After having the Mummy of Pharaoh in Egypt, they decided to send it to Paris management for its preservation so they did it. Here in France, Prof. Maurice Bucaille was the man who received this Paraoh’s Mummy for the analysis how they could keep it preserved as long as possible. During his teamwork, he saw too many things where were related to the revelations of Holy Quran.

When Pro. Maurice collected the proofs about the Mummy of Pharaoh; it was told to him that these all things already had been told in Holy Quran that is a book of Muslims. He got surprised after listening it. He started to search on it anxiously having it in his mind how it is possible to say anything before the time as his rational approach does not allow him to accept it.

As he was a citizen of Paris, a city of Roman Catholic Country, he also tried to find the answer from Bible but he could not. Bible, undoubtedly, a sacred book of Allah but it has lost its worth after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad in this world but non-Muslim did not accept it. Another notable thing about Bible, it did not have its original verses which were sent by God at that time.

So he finally left for Egypt from Paris to know the reality and met with Muslim scientist who gave him proofs in written forms from the Holy Quran. He started to read Holy Quran to know more about Islam. So after sometimes, he reached to the reality of Islam and the Holy Quran. He joined the Muslim community after embracing Islam.

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