Freak Shows in the Mid 16th Century

In the mid of 16th century, freak shows started to become popular pastimes in England. According to some recourse, in those days people started to take interest as an entertainment in deformities. People loved to see them and used to come to see them in crowds in different exhibitions.

When it talks about the United States, there he had P.T. Barnum who was very famous figure to popularize the entertainment  in 1800s. So United States was not at back in this field and contributed very well in this field. In 1900s, there was a woman who had one baby attached to her stomach and used to show it in Freak shows.

In the same era, there was a Raja who had two face one on the shoulders and the other one right at the belly button. In 1818s, Josephene Myrtle Corbin, she was renowned as four legged woman and was born in Lincolin Country in Tennessee in 1868. She was not definitely twin but she had two large and two small legs.

There were also other conjoined sisters with the name of Guadalupe and Josephine also called as Cuban Twins in 1914. In Freak Shows, one name was also very famous which was Stephan Bibrowsky. He was renowned as Lionel due to having resemblance with lion. He was also renowned for side show performance for Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.

There also another conjoined twin named Josefa and Rosa Blazeh having one child of Rosa in 1910 in Freak Shows. They lived from 1878-1922 and enjoyed the whole live while performing in Freak Shows. Talking about Myrtle Corbin, she was able to control the limbs of her sisters but not able to use them for walking.

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