Foreigner Praises ISI but condemned by own Citizen

New York: Michael Scheuer (former CIA Agent) is the man who has worked for CIA for a long time and also has performed his duty in Afghanistan as well. During the stay in Afghanistan, he got a chance to have meeting with ISI officials off and on. So he claims of 20 years of working with ISI during his job, so it considers a long time for a wise man to develop opinion for any person or institution.

He gave interview in New York to one private news channel and it jolted the whole sensitive institutions across the world. He clearly tells about the sensitive duties of any spy institution which works for any country or institution. In this context, he praises a lot to ISI for its extraordinary working approach around the world within limited resources.

Central Intelligence Agency is usually called in abbreviation as CIA and it has its identification in the whole world with lot of resources as other agencies have not. It was born on September 1947 and declares as official agency of the United States of America. Its headquarters are situated in Virginia and Langley.

Michael Scheuer told to the news channel of New York City, every agency that comes into being has the main purpose to save and serve its country first by all means. So people who are attached to these agencies are very special in their duties and loyal to their work. They have no cost of their blood in front of their country and do not take time to give their lives for the sake of their country.

He also condemns the nonsense and illogical allegations on ISI. He candidly clears to all powers of the world that it has been in my experience that ISI works as others work but their style of working undoubtedly extraordinary. He says ISI has ability to perform in limited resources and gives more output rather than others.

In his last segment of his show in New York, he also talks dreadfully about his nation who has no dare to afford the casualties which are far less than our enemies. He explains if our enemies got hundreds of casualties in a week, we got this percentage within year but we start to scream. But our foes did not do it but they always get ready for more and more.

Regretfully, on the other hand, our one of famous anchorperson is criticizing our intelligence agency on its working style which is out of sense. How it is possible as one organization is getting praise from a person of world’s best intelligence agency but one Pakistani anchorperson is disliking this world’s best intelligence agency.

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