Flowers Blossom with Azan, famous channel Reports

American channel CNN reports about the effects of Azan not only on human beings but also on nature like flowers. The belief about the blossom of flower is related to Azan as Azan has a spiritual connection between Muslims and God in the whole world. CNN throws light over this surprising news with the association of Lider TV of Azerbaijan.

Azan is the Muslim call for prayer throughout the Muslim world that conveys the message to believers to offer pray five times a day. The sound of Azan is believed to have beneficial effects on human nature. But the people who are living in Azerbaijan say that the Azan is not only valuable for human beings but also has advantageous effects to nature.

Muhammad Rahim Eldarov is collecting different types of flowers for fifteen years. He has different species of flowers that have different blossoming times due to their different types of petals, shapes and colors. He said that each flower plant has special entity for him.

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“I am not able to make any distinguish between these flowers otherwise I will not be able to look after all of them.” Muhammad Rahim Eldrove said while sharing his notions and feelings about his flowers collection. You can see in the given video that that he has something interesting and special species among his collection.

Undoubtedly, nature appeal the human beings that’s why we find ourselves very associated with nature. So this example is one of them. Discoveries about Islam’s influence over nature are spreading day by day that’s why numbers of non-Muslims are embracing Islam with the passage of time. The people who are Non Muslim might not have belief over it but they still call it amazing after seeing this American Channel CNN report.

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